Classes, interfaces and traits


The linker contains all rules to replace FQSENs in the ProjectDescriptor with aliases to objects.

This object contains a list of class FQCNs for Descriptors and their associated linker rules.

An example scenario should be:

The Descriptor ``\phpDocumentor\Descriptor\ClassDescriptor`` has a *Substitute* rule determining that the
contents of the ``Parent`` field should be substituted with another ClassDescriptor with the FQCN
represented by the value of the Parent field. In addition (second element) it has an *Analyse* rule
specifying that the contents of the ``Methods`` field should be interpreted by the linker. Because that field
contains an array or Descriptor Collection will each element be analysed by the linker.

As can be seen in the above example is it possible to analyse a tree structure and substitute FQSENs where encountered.

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