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Interface to determine which elements can be filtered and to provide a way to set errors on the descriptor.

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Retrieves a series of filters to manipulate a specific Descriptor with during building.

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Filter used to manipulate a descriptor after being build.

This class is used during the building of descriptors. It passes the descriptor to each individual sub-filter, which may change data in the descriptor or even remove it from the building process by returning null.

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Strips any Descriptor if the ignore tag is present with that element.

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Filters a Descriptor when the @internal inline tag, or normal tag, is used.

When a Descriptor's description contains the inline tag @internal then the description of that tag should be included only when the visibility allows INTERNAL information. Otherwise it needs to be removed.

Similarly, whenever the normal @internal tag is used should this filter return null if the visibility does not allow INTERNAL information. This will remove this descriptor from the project.

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Strips any Descriptor if their visibility is allowed according to the ProjectDescriptorBuilder.

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